A calling

I’ve had two blogs my entire life: one of which I can only hope no one ever finds and the one you’re viewing now. I’ve always thought of a blog as a safe place to express your inner most feelings through a plethora of symbolic images, inspiring quotes, and momentous rants. Blogs are like a public diary, which in my opinion defeats the entire purpose of a diary. Yet, I keep up with my personal blog at least weekly because it is my catharsis.

I am now a senior Media and Journalism student at the Tar Heel capital, UNC-Chapel Hill, and have been assigned the task of creating a blog. Upon being informed of this assignment, I could only think – man, how can I possibly make an interesting blog comprised of my own personal writing when all I’m used to is re-blogging intriguing photos and ranting unprofessionally?

This assignment was given to me on the first day of my last semester of my college career. I have purposefully chosen not to start it until now – February 24, 2016 – on a day I’m trapped in my room under a tornado watch until late this evening. This decision was not made out of pure laziness or the typical assumption that all college students procrastinate (and we all do at some point). Rather, I wanted to learn, to read, and to figure out what this class and what this assignment is all about.

I am in an Advertising Account Planning class, but our professor came up with an exceptionally more appealing course name: Creativity in Strategy. I assumed I signed up to learn how to administer focus groups, ethnographies, and the like. To my complete and utter surprise, I signed up for a class with an incredible adjunct professor who is teaching me how to do exactly what I want to do in life.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but for someone like myself who has struggled the past four years trying to figure out how I possibly fit in the complex advertising industry, and how I can somehow incorporate my second major in anthropology, this was a calling.

I like to tell myself I’m extroverted, yet I find it terrifying to stand in front of a room of people to present anything. It’s like my mind and body are two entirely separate beings – my mouth is saying things that aren’t even present in my mind. I like to tell myself I’m creative, yet I always seem to think I have such brilliant ideas and none of them are executed in exceptional ways. And then I discovered the world of Account Planning.

Our first assignment was a short and totally quirky book by Chris Kocek, The Practical Pocket Guide to Account Planning. And that was all I needed. This job position, this life style, presents the happy medium I have been seeking between the world of humans and compelling advertisements that intrigue them. Between having to interact with intimidating people and getting to work behind the scenes.

All of that being said, I hope you enjoy my blog that has encouraged me to live in color – to see the world and the people in it in ways never before.


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